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Hard Head Veterans

Over the past year, Hard Head Veterans achieved incredible results through testing and optimizing and scaling campaigns to achieve a 137% increase in revenue, with a 10x average return on ad spend month over month.



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Cynthia Sandoval
November 26, 2017
Average ROAS across
client accounts
Average growth among
year-over-year clients
Cups of Coffee
What my clients say...

What I appreciate most about Cynthia is how straight to the point and honest she is. I believe that is one of the core main reasons that attracted me to continuously working with her. That and also the fact she has helped my company hit ROI/ROAS to numbers this company has never seen before. I'm extremely fortunate and appreciative to have Cynthia help us with our PPC and really looking forward to all the future work she will be helping us with. 10/10 would Highly recommend!

Dickson Lam, Owner | EFFYDESK.cA
What my clients say...

"If you want ingenuity, integrity and results, Cynthia is your goto. She’s brilliant in brainstorming and most importantly in execution. She laid initiatives out for us in a way that pushed our digital presence forward. She has an insatiable passion for caring about your outcomes."

Mario armstrong, emmy award winner | never settle Productions
What my clients say...

Cynthia is miles above most marketers. She will bring New York ad agencies strategies to your company and help you grow. I've hired a lot of marketers in the past and Cynthia is miles above previous marketers. Honestly, she's the first marketer I brought on that gave me an ROI from the start.

Matt Tran, Founder |
What my clients say...

Cynthia has been an instrumental addition to our team here at HHV from the start. She has helped the company grow exponentially with her diligence, willingness to try new things, and staying on top of industry best practices. We have utilized her for all aspects paid digital media, and are very happy with the results. I'm almost hesitant to leave her this recommendation because we want to be selfish with her time!

Kit dumph, Co-founder | hard head veterans
What my clients say...

"Cynthia is currently helping Maxburst keep optimized with it's own ppc campaigns and online sales funnels. She has brought her personal creativity and out of the box thinking to every strategy meeting and is helping bring in focus to the strategies we currently discuss. She's helped us continue to plan milestones while being strategic with our advertising!"

Donny escolastico, Founder | Maxburst
What my clients say...

"Working with Cynthia has been such a pleasure. Cynthia is not only a creative and purposeful marketing expert, she is also a remarkable mentor and leader. Cynthia is very team oriented and focuses on how we can all work together to grow as a unit. As a manager and mentor, Cynthia's energy makes you feel like a valued rockstar. She is reliable, smart, clever and fun to be around!"

Crystal Volinchak, digital manager | the shark group
What my clients say...

Cynthia and I have collaborated off-and-on since 2018 on everything from a branded content deal that brought together TODAY show contributor Mario Armstrong and a Fortune 500 company at SXSW to bootstrapping a new brand (Never Settle Show) focused on positivity. As a consultant I've witnessed Cynthia take the lead in creating incredible brand strategies, run high-performing paid media campaigns, and just in general provide thoughtful, honest and constructive advice.

Shy Mukerjee, Founder | Neon Tuxedo
What my clients say..

Cynthia is a rare individual that is both creative and analytical. She sees the big picture but is also extremely detail-orientated, and consistently delivers exceptionally work. Cynthia has excellent intuition for problem solving, which is inevitably needed in the world of digital advertising. I highly recommend her to any company that is looking to make a significant impact.

Vlad Sobur, CEO | Lasting trend
What my clients say..

Cynthia is quite literally the epitome of genius. I’ve worked with Cynthia on multiple occasions - She's part of the 1% of marketers with exceptional talent. What I love most about working with Cynthia is her ability to solve complex issues with ease. Implementing some of her Paid Media strategies has boosted revenue and has enabled my clients to achieve massive growth in their industries.

Dresean ryan | seo consultant

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